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Fo Guang University
 College of Humanities  Curriculum
  Course Code Course Title Course type Credit(s) Target Students Notes
  HC102 Approaches to Literature Required subject 3 1  
HC105 Introduction to Philosophy Required subject 3 1  
HC114 concept and Practice of history Required subject 3 1  
HC115 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies Required subject 3 1  
HC116 Interdisciplinary topic on humanities Required subject 3 1  
HC117 Literature in Films Elective subject 3 1 Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures  /Required subject
HC118 Selected Readings in Western Drama Elective subject 3 1
HC119 Biographies of Historical Figures  Elective subject 3 1 Department of History /Required subject
HC120 History in Artifacts  Elective subject 3 1
HC121 Introduction to Literary Reading Elective subject 3 1 Department of Chinese Literature and Application /
Required subject
HC122 Introduction to Literary Creation Elective subject 3 1