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Dean of the School of Humanities, Fo Guang University: HSIAO Li-huaThis is an image

Professor  HSIAO Li-hua
Educational qualification:PhD, National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Professor Hsiao was a associate professor of General Education Center and a director of Counseling Center at Yuan Ze University, a professor of Department of Chinese Literature of NTU, the chairman of Center for Buddhist Studies of NTU, the deputy director of Department of Chinese Literature of NTU, the chief editor of Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies (臺大佛學研究) and Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature NTU (臺大中文學報), the 4th managing director at Modern Buddhism Association, the 9th managing director at China Association for Tang Dynasty, the chairman and a professor of Department of Chinese Literature and Application at Fo Guang University, and a Short-Term Visiting Scholar at Institute of philosophy Academia Sinica (in 2005), Charles University (in 2009), Kyoto University (in 2012), and Ritsumeikan University (in 2015).
She is currently a professor of Department of Chinese Literature and Application and dean of College of Humanities at Fo Guang University and  the chief editor of selected ancient and modern readings (古今文選) of Mandarin Daily News (國語日報).
Research expertise:Studies on Chinese Poetry【中國詩學】, Buddhist Studies【佛學】, Literary Theory【文學理論】, and Education【教育】.
Course Offered: Classics of Chinese Literature【中國文學經典】, Readings in Chinese Prose with Writing Practice【歷代文選及習作】, Readings in Chinese Poetry with Writing Practice【詩選及習作】, History of Chinese Literature【中國文學史】, Poetry of DU Fu【杜甫詩】, Readings in LI Po’s Poetry【李白詩】, Seminar【專題討論】, Studies in Classical Poetry【中國古典詩專題】, Topics of Tang & Song’s Poetry【唐宋詩專題】, Topics of Buddhist Literature【佛教文學專題】, Topics of the History of Chinese Literature【中國文學史專題】,and Topics of Literature and cultural【文學與文化專題】