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 Department of Chinese Literature and Application 
Study the phenomenon of human literary literature as a career, and focus on Chinese literature. The teaching studies the writers, works, literary theory, and literary history with the concept of "literature" and "cultural studies."

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Department of HistoryD
Guided by the humanistic spirit, it will be able to demonstrate the implementation of substantive subjects such as courses and teaching in general education and humanities education.

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Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures 
Combine the topics of contemporary world cultural studies with the department of English teaching. Not only to help students to integrate their ability to read, write, listen, speak and translate, but also to use various language teaching methods to help students understand the cultural connotation of English.

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Graduate Institute of Religious Studies
The spirit of the Institute of Religious Studies aims to cultivate multi-religious research talents, professionals with research in the field of religious studies, professionals with both religious and humanistic qualities, and applied religious culture to practical talents.