• 2018-10-05

Kailan Wusha's Former Residence Travel • Two-Series, Two-way

Kailan Wushagong, good morning! We are visiting again.

Two consecutive days of two-way (10/3, 4), leading the two departments (Chinese Department, foreign language department) students, chasing the typhoon before the stormy days before the attack, rushed to the former residence of Wusha, through the time tunnel, close Touching the traces of the streaks of the times, and visiting the remains of the predecessors after the sacred sangtian...

In front of the Kailan road map and architectural features of the former residence, the trace of the long history of Lanyang has been carried out for more than 200 years. Zhangzhou→Freshwater→Chicken cage→Santun→Hebei→Two knots→蛤仔难→ The four cities, as if the students had sacredly acquired "a bucket of rice, an axe", they all struggled to travel a long period of Kailan.

Staying in front of the "Mu's genealogy tree" hanging on the wall in the main hall of the male mother, he often feels like a lot of feelings. Wu Sha stands in the bottom of the big tree roots, and the descendants are as green as they are. Open branches and leaves, so far is the eleventh generation, so long-lasting, the path will continue to expand the spirit of the ancestor Wusha Kailan... (Tian Yunliang 10.5)