Category Title Date
Announcement Congratulations !
Center for The History of Buddhist Literature The History of Chinese Buddhist Literature History, Issue 6-2018.11.29
Announcement The International Symposium on "Human Buddhism" and "Chinese Buddhism Literature" will begin to Call for papers on the same day.
Cross-disciplinary learning November Results Report and Future Outlook Exhibition
Cross-disciplinary learning Interim Results Report and Future Outlook Exhibition
Announcement "Communication" in the local culture
Announcement Opening a new page for Hongxue Foguang University hosted the Dream of Red Mansions
Special lecture [Stop Yunya Conference] Speech (2018.11.05)
Announcement Winter clothing warming event (thanks to the foreign language department teacher Wu Suzhen)
Special lecture [Stop Yunya Club] Guide to "Bolo Polo Honey" (107.10.29)
Announcement [Request for Papers] Graduate School of Academic Exchange Seminar
Announcement Congratulations to Teacher Tian Yunliang, who was awarded the special tutor of the 106th academic year.
Events Chinese teacher-student frost tea party
Announcement Congratulations on the various subsidies for the 107th academic year of the School of Humanities
Cross-disciplinary learning "Foguang Humanities College Interdisciplinary Course" - Religious teachers and students reading workshop